Hello guys and gals and everyone in between and outside, welcome to my website, where I host random stuff I created. Most of it's finished, but I hadn't added the games page yet. Mainly because I don't actually have a lot of noteworthy games. So you can check out my very few comics, my bad animations, and, most frequently updated of all, my music. You can also check out my Scratch profile that I still use for whatever reason. You can also check out my Github if you want to see some potentially useful programs I made.

Currently I am working on a BeepBox "mod" called Soundbox. "Mod" is in quotes because it's actually a reimplementation of BeepBox as a native application, with some additional features not possible using pure web technology. Namely, plugin support and sample loading. Check it out here.

I'd very much appreciate it if you write something on my guestbook. I made it all by myself! It's integrated into the website.

About Me

I'm a male person, don't assume I'm not for whatever reason. Twice did that happen, but I don't get offended if you were to mistakenly do that. I'm mostly a hobbyist programmer and music composer. And designer and writer of weird ass-dumb animal characters I made up that look like they came from a Nintendo game. Most of my art are just sketches of those characters, which are relatively simple to draw, so I don't know if I can really call myself an artist.

I've been on a quest to listen to more music so that hopefully my own music isn't garbage. My favorite musical artists include PilotRedSun, Aphex Twin, and Tally Hall. I don't listen to much of Tally Hall anymore though, because I've been listening to a lot more electronic/percussion music. For Tally Hall, I mainly like the songs made by Hawley and Horowitz. I also like the Bomberman Hero soundtrack and drum n' bass in general.

If you want to know more about the music I listen to, here is my YouTube playlist. Right now my personal favorites are Telephasic Workshop, Sunbob by Hoverman, and Weyuon by James Primate. My favorites from PilotRedSky are Graphics, Podulair, Rule of Xem, 8-Train, and Protect X 2.

About My Stuff

My Stuff is a proper noun because I said so. Usually my non-games include characters I made up. And usually said characters look like weird, like... dumb animal characters. They're not really animals; the Brother Chaps used that phrase to describe their Homestar Runner characters, and I think that phrase fits well with mines.

(I don't know if people ever read this kind of stuff I write. Where I nerd out about my fictional creations.)

Red & Blu

Not sure why I'm writing about this, since I'm not going to add any Red & Blu related content. But I guess you need context for the 24-page long "untitled". (I dunno if it's actually good or bad, nobody has really said anything about that and 99% of what I make) This is a series of comics I made in 5th grade. It is set in a world of nude humanoid creatures who are bald and have no nose and have a random solid color as their skin color. It is about two characters called Blu and Red. Nobody can figure this out, but they're called that because their skin colors are blue and red, respectively. Are there other people who have blue and red as their skin color? I dunno. But anyway Blu is male and Red is female. Blu is kinda boring and Red is supposed to be kinda mean. Banjo is blue and kinda boring and Kazooie is red and kinda mean. Totally a coincidence. Also Red and Blu have to fight this evil villain called Blak (NOT RACIST I SWEAR) who is colored dark black (NOT DARK BROWN). He is evil because he got beat in a singular insignificant foot race by Red when they were children. Also Red and Blu have other randomly colored friends.


This originally started as a series of animations I made on Scratch called 'nimation. Then later I realized that if I wanted to make a 'nimation thing that wasn't an animation, then calling it a 'nimation wouldn't make sense. So I came up with another name for it, Homester.

Anyway, this is about a group of three friends named Blu, Sprongy, and Connor "Halfpipe". Or Blu, Red, and Green. In the first 3 'nimations it was Blu, Red, and Green, stolen from my earlier Red & Blu except the characters were now less humanoid than before and the personality traits of the now Green and Blu are different. Then I realized since they looked exactly the same except for color if there were no color it would be hard to distinguish between the three. So I drastically changed the design of Red and Green and changed their names to Sprongy and Connor respectively. But their personality remained basically the same. Anyway, Sprongy, Blu, and Connor (who is called "Halfpipe" by friends) go on boring adventures with themselves.

Connor is cowardly and shy. Sprongy likes to troll and is a Redditor and a Gamer. Blu is boring. Go watch this on my animations page if you want to.

But in the scrapped final season, bad evil bad thing takes over the world and the protagonists have to stop them. Seriously. I actually thought of that happening at some point.

Pubot & Yorro

This is about two friends named Pubot and Yorro. The name of this isn't really creative but that doesn't matter all that matters is that it's unique so I don't care. This is set in the same universe as Homester. In fact, Blu is Yorro's co-worker. If he has a job. Which he does. He is always referred to as "co-worker Blu" in this no matter what.

Undetermined Name

It's not actually called that. It's just anything that isn't related to Pubot & Yorro or Homester. Except Red & Blu, nothing's gonna be related to Red & Blu. I hate the red and blue. So, for example, my "Honestly I don't know" comic. Even though that comic isn't canon. Or maybe it is. Oh I forgot I put Starro in there. Yeah it's not canon.

I really should make a name for this at this point. How about "The Adventures of Muzzle the Weird Kinda Hamster Looking Thingy who Doesn't Appear In Anything On My Site But Will Eventually Maybe Just Wait Ok"? Yeah I think that's a pretty good name. I'll abbreviate it to "AMWKHLTWDAAMSBWEMJWO". Well, at the time of writing that I didn't have anything that included Muzzle, but I now do. I made a comic where he gets bullied by a bad guy. What a wholesome comic.